Whilst Tories cut public spending Middleton\'s Common Purpose grovels for work with Frances Maude

It is understood that in recent weeks Julia Middleton has been in direct communication with Frances Maude MP Conservative Central Office begging for work to assist Maude to achieve a culture change. Which culture is to be changed? That of the Conservatives (1922 Committee perhaps?) or that of the wider British public. It is alleged that Middleton even offers to use her Common Purpose graduates within the Civil Service to assist the process? But aren\'t Civil Servants supposed to be non politically aligned?

So the Conservatives want to achieve vast cuts in public sending and cut wasteful quangos and public bodies, and shed the jobs of many ordinary people, and at the same time they support Common Purpose - a pro NuLabour organisation which has swallowed over £100 million of taxpayers money. Do you smell Common Purpose rat?

We await more information on the relationship between Common Purpose and top Tories. Remember that Cameron has so far failed to declare if he has been common Purpose trained but he was happy to appear at their recent major event in Bangalore India, and has been photographed with Common Purpose paedophile Matthew Byrne.

Readers will be aware that Bangalore is a call centre city. It would perhaps be of concern if those that handle details of our bank accounts, credit cards and other personal information are aligned and reframed to Julia Middleton\'s Common Purpose agenda over and above our privacy. In the worst case she could call upon the Bangalore Common Purpose team to help reframe Cameron\'s Tories - a joke or not?