Yet another Common Purpose attack on this website and Free Speech March 2010

Common Purpose has again tried to intimidate and bully our web host into taking down the site. Again Common Purpose is alleging breach of copyright for material that is already in the public domain, has been paid for by the public purse and is of major public interest. Meanwhile Common Purpose itself has already committed breaches of Data Protection Laws, is involved in further breaches, and is collecting information on members of the public who are exposing the massive public expenditure on Common Purpose. Common Purpose is also refusing to release data unlawfully held on individuals - a further breach of the law.

Councillors in Stoke demand to know why money is wasted on Common Purpose.

Whilst the political charity Common Purpose can aggressively attack this site to try and prevent us informing the wider public of the true activities of CP, we understand that the Chief Executive of Common Purpose will shortly travel to Stoke on Trent in order to try and justify to Councillors the Council's massive expenditure on Common Purpose. Aside from the use of public funds Stoke Council also seconded a Council officer to work for Common Purpose. It is understood that this dubious arrangement lasted just over a year. Were local tax payers aware that they were paying for an officer to support a political charity?

Common Purpose reluctant to inform parents of paedophile 'graduates' and their action, if any, to protect children.

Common Purpose appears to have become very aggressive since our exposure of the Jamie Rennie and Matthew Byrne paedophiles within the CP network. We stand by our statement that the secretive Common Purpose networks, the use of behavioural training (NLP) and the proximity to school children must be highly attractive to paedophiles. Furthermore the omission of CP to obtain CRB checks for staff and graduates working with children is of grave concern to the wider public. This failure has recently been challenged by concerned local authorities.

Hollie Greig and Aberdeen Paedophile Rapes

Thank you to all those who have collected information about Common Purpose in Aberdeen, amongst the Scottish police and high levels of the Scottish Establishment. We understand that interested parties in Scotland, England and Wales are considering connections between some individuals. Please remember that all work must be evidence based.

Pass the word

Please pass on to all your friends, groups and media contacts that Common Purpose is now prepared to bully and intimidate members of the public in an attempt to stop the truth concerning their operations and vast expenditure on the public purse emerging.