Northern Ireland

CP Information including photo of CP penetration into the prison and Criminal Justice system

Interesting document showing Common Purpose at work penetrating the prison and Criminal justice system. In UK Common Purpose has set up offices in many prisons, some undeclared so as not to pay rent or for the services they use. Individuals have also conspired to cover up this state of affairs when questioned by members of the public. See prison information on this site.

CP Belfast The Know Course 2008

Pdf document with details of Common Purpose The Know course. See end pages for names of people involved.

The Know course is a classic example of the elitest nature of Common Purpose since the inference is that if you are not a CP chosen "leader" you are not "in the know" i.e. you are a non person, ill informed. This is classic psychological manipulation to create bonding to a CP aligned group.

Police Service of Northern Ireland have spent £30.055 on Common Purpose

Police in Northern Ireland have spent £30,055 on CP in the last 5 years for 19 staff. What value do the general public get when meetings are supposedly held during the officers personal time. Of course this is untrue as evidence on this site clearly shows CP business across UK being conducted in public time. How can police officers operate under the secretive Chatham House rules?

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