CP Information including photo of CP penetration into the prison and Criminal Justice system

Interesting document showing Common Purpose at work penetrating the prison and Criminal justice system. In UK Common Purpose has set up offices in many prisons, some undeclared so as not to pay rent or for the services they use. Individuals have also conspired to cover up this state of affairs when questioned by members of the public. See prison information on this site.

Question! Why would CP want to make "leaders" of convicted criminals? One distinct possibility is that "re-framed" into the CP political mindset they would be useful "street soldiers" when let loose - especially those of a brutal nature. What other leadership qualities would a convicted prisoner have?

Perhaps we should also be concerned that Common Purpose as a political charity is now getting involved with the rehabilitation of sex offenders into society. Just what experience or professional knowledge has Common Purpose to get involved in this delicate subject. Since the installation of the new libertarian agenda into our society and schools (as promoted by CP) we have never seen such an increase in sexual perversion and attacks. Of course breaking down the morale fabric of a society is a classic gramscian fascist tactic to help promote social revolution. What is the CHANGE that CP desires but never declares? Please join up the dots for yourself but remeber we don't have long to spread the message.

Please notice the involvement of impressionable young people 13 - 15 in Common Purpose's "re-framing" programme. Do their parents even know that CP is targeting their minds?