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CP Psychiatry Journal February 1946 General Chisholm

Fascinating and dangerous article about psychiatrist General Brock Chisholm who later became first Director General of the World Health Organisation. Chisholm proposes that we set aside the "mistaken old ways of our elders", and we take charge of our own destiny. In his agenda no one is without a part to play in this challenging undertaking: the church, the home, schools, and government should set themselves the task of examining and understanding and treating the ills that beset society - and the individual.

CP Training with 'cult'characteristics

The following account has been given by a person who attended a Common Purpose course involving families and children. Participants are encouraged to reveal highly personal information in front of strangers, the event is tightly controlled e.g. no going to the toilet and when the person decides that they do not like the training and want to withdraw they experience hostility. These are all characteristics of cult type training, including religious cults, where people can become changed to the cult agenda in a matter of days.

Sunday Independent article on Bandler key NLP creator

This man can play with your mind, the minds of your friends and of your children. Common Purpose is using these behavioural techniques to push a political and social agenda backed by the highest levels of government. This training and its effects is unpredictable and it therefore carries risks of mental illness. Are you happy that these techniques are being applied to people in common purpose, leadership, empowerment and life coaching courses? Are your children safe?

Common Purpose and the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs. This is a real department.

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

5. Acting with Common Purpose - Proceedings of the first session of the
Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. The report of the proceedings
of the first session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
held in Geneva, 5-7 June 2007 captures discussions of the high level
dialogue; the outcome of the workshops; and the conclusions of the
multi-stakeholder deliberations on progress in implementation of the Hyogo

Common Purpose, Media Standards Trust and Madeleine McCann - What are the connections?

Interesting blog article on links between Common Purpose and the Madeleine McCann case. Some would say just a coincidence. But why did the Blairs, Browns and Millibands get involved personally? Just why was NULabour so desperate to make personal telephone calls? They don't care about dead British soldiers or the seriously wounded with missing limbs - so why the intense interest in this case? Surely little Madeleine deserves the truth.

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