CP Training with 'cult'characteristics

The following account has been given by a person who attended a Common Purpose course involving families and children. Participants are encouraged to reveal highly personal information in front of strangers, the event is tightly controlled e.g. no going to the toilet and when the person decides that they do not like the training and want to withdraw they experience hostility. These are all characteristics of cult type training, including religious cults, where people can become changed to the cult agenda in a matter of days. Imagine what would be happening in society if Common Purpose was using 'cult' techniques to implement a political agenda to change people'e behaviour to conform with their vision of a new utopian society. We would start to see people making strange decisions, acting outside their authority and acting against common sense and common decency. Isn't this exactly what is happening. Zenna Atkins a Common Purpose leader and former Chairman of Ofsted the schools inspection body was recently quoted as saying that "we need more bad teachers!".

Her reason is so that young children can learn how to to deal with "shit" teachers - (her word not mine). Many people labelled her words madness, but in reality she believes what she says. Under the marxist doctrine the existing western society and democracy must be destroyed from within before the new marxist state can be built. Destroying education allows the state to claim children through their ignorance and their vulnerability to state propaganda. Wherever you see common purpose and a 'change' agenda, you are really looking at subversion to destroy families and our existing democracy.

Most CP people will be totally unaware that they have been subjected to this type of 'cult' training. They will be totally unaware of the fact that they have been subjected to NLP to change their thoughts and behaviour. Such training without their consent represents assault.