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CP Training with 'cult'characteristics

The following account has been given by a person who attended a Common Purpose course involving families and children. Participants are encouraged to reveal highly personal information in front of strangers, the event is tightly controlled e.g. no going to the toilet and when the person decides that they do not like the training and want to withdraw they experience hostility. These are all characteristics of cult type training, including religious cults, where people can become changed to the cult agenda in a matter of days.

CP Said Business School Oxford University Heather Katz Psychotherapy

CP is now linked to Oxford Said Business School. Said Business school is linked to Paris based business schools specialising in NLP. Here we see a Said Business School associate trained in psychotherapy. Neuro Linguistic Programming, psychotherapy and Common Purpose's Kolb mind training. Oh what a tangled web for our new 'leaders of society'. Do they know who they are after re-framing?

CP links with Oxford University Said Business School

Web advert for a combined course with CP and Said Business School Oxford University. Interestingly, research suggests that the CP leadership, diversity and behavioural training programmes largely originated from Oxford University in the late 1960s early 1970s. The courses were then aimed at relations between 'blue and white collar workers'. The objective of behavioural modification was the same. Links have been found between Said Business school and Paris based business experts in the field of Neural Linguistic Programming. Oh what a dangerous tangled web.

Common Purpose advice on countering resistance to their advance of change

Excerpt from a Common Purpose document which gives advice to graduates on how to overcome objectors and resistance, or people who say NO! The whole theme is that the Common Purpose plan must be rolled forward whoever raises objections and however pertinent those objections may be. There are more graphic descriptions of how Common Purpose graduates should overcome resistance or 'black holes' in Julia MIddleton's book: Beyond Authority. Try to borrow it, as although interesting from an analysis point of view, it is not worth the money.

Common Purpose links with ARK, Teachfirst and Tavistock Institute

This summary kindly provided by Ms Cassie shows links between Common Purpose, Absolute Return for Kids ARK (already being researched for its suspect activity with children and big business Academy Schools), Teachfirst (a 'leadership' teaching recruitment organisation), and the Tavistock Institute (home of mind control techniques). Just what are these people up to? Are our children safe?

Suffolk County Council spends over £400,000 on leadership training with NLP.

News paper article exposing Suffolk CC spending over £400,000 on leadership training using Neuro Linguistic programming. The article does not mention Common Purpose but the training appears of the same type and participants in the course will not be aware of the full impact of the psychology being used on them. NLP carries a risk of mental illness and depression for example, particularly in those who already have mental health problems. How did we function as an honest orderly and efficient nation previously? Why do we now need to be NL Programmed?

Shocking expose of Common Purpose behavioural training of Police Officers

Shocking document exposing mental re-framing of police officers using psychometric tests, personality instruments, neuro linguistic programming, and more. Read summary CVs detailing the future of policing; the psychological contract; the role of qualifications within the police professionalisation agenda; the blame culture within the organisation and the paradigm change needed for police reform; and whether centralized policy unduly influences leadership style. Just what is the PARADIGM CHANGE needed for police reform?

Conservative leader David Cameron uses psychometric testing

Daily Mail report that Conservative Party Leader David Cameron MP is driving the use of psychometric testing within the Conservative Party. Aside from the unethical 'testing' of individuals personalities by others, the real danger of this testing is that it allows personalities who are susceptible to 'mental reframing' to be identified. Cameron is already linked to Common Purpose and his drive for psychometric testing would facilitate the use of Common Purpose type behavioural or experiencial reframing, or other mind control techniques and training within the Tory party.

Research showing teaching connections between ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose

Research document which shows a number of interesting connection between ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose. CP is associated with Teachfirst, and Teachfirst works in partnership with ARK. Teachfirst offer their ambassadors a one thousand pound discount to go on Common Purpose courses. ‘Teachfirst’ works in partnership with ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), NCSL (National College for School Leadership), ‘Teaching Leaders’ and ‘Future Leaders.’

Description of psychological manipulation within a Local Authority

This document provides a very astute analysis of a disfunctional Local Authority and the use of psychological techniques to control people within the organisation, and to attack those challenging the practices of the Local Authority. Is this description Common Purpose at work? Where did the individuals learn such practices? Were they taught them, and if so where? We leave you to judge. Comments on this article would be appreciated, especially from those witnessing or experiencing such practices.


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