Research showing teaching connections between ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose

Research document which shows a number of interesting connection between ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose. CP is associated with Teachfirst, and Teachfirst works in partnership with ARK. Teachfirst offer their ambassadors a one thousand pound discount to go on Common Purpose courses. ‘Teachfirst’ works in partnership with ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), NCSL (National College for School Leadership), ‘Teaching Leaders’ and ‘Future Leaders.’

Teachfirst ‘headhunts’ graduates and gives them 6 weeks teacher training, after which they are placed in schools, with a Teachfirst mentor, gaining qualified teacher status after two years. So, plenty of ‘guidance’ from the likes of Goldman Sachs along the road to becoming one of the ‘future leaders’. The Goldman Sachs Foundation is working closely with Teachfirst. Teachfirst also has an interest in developing teachers’ behaviour. However, students get no experience of being inside schools, and wouldn’t recognize typical or atypical behaviour in a school.

What are these organisations doing with our children and what are they doing to the people teaching our children? Are you happy for strange organisations to mix Experiencial and Behavioural psychology with education....all funded by major commercial interests and big banks? Thanks Caz for the research.