CP Trustee David Bell connections to Imagine Nations and Millenium Development Goals

Short piece of research passed to showing connections between Sir David Bell Common Purpose Trustee and Chairman Financial Times Group and This insidious little organisation is busy helping to implement UN Millenium Development Goals. Follow those through and you will find the route to the New World Order - the socialist dictatorship.

CP Accounts Analysis 2007

Analysis of Common Purpose accounts 2007 including profit and loss, balance sheet, capitals and reserves, miscellaneous and ratios. Please remember that the overwhelming supply of money to Common Purpose has come straight from your pocket as a taxpayer. Did you know about this political charity or approve of their politico social agenda?

Un Common Purpose as Telegraph Wakes Up

John Mitchell from the Telegraph is awake and seeing the real picture....
"After a month’s absence, is back. When Common Purpose, a
political ‘charity’ and leadership development organisation operating internationally
from the UK, successfully demanded that a US hosting service take the site down, it
was hardly an issue of public concern. After all, it was only a website, only a
charity. And yet, if a better-known charity such as the RSPCA had sought to silence

CP 2020 Course Downing Street 2006

Some fascinating documents showing Common Purpose working within the highest levels of government and NuLabour. Although from a couple of years ago it is worth reading these documents carefully as they show Common Purpose fully engaged in a political agenda at Downing Street. Note also the input from Fabian marxist DEMOS. This same organisation is now proposing that there is UK wide National Service so that everyone from the age of 7 can repay their debt to society.

It would be paid for by introducing interest on student loans, raising about £1.2 billion a year.

Common Purpose is Commissioned to survey its own graduates by Government Equalities Office

Describing itself as ..." an independent, non-politically aligned, not-for-profit organisation, Common Purpose is commissioned by the Government Equalities Office on yet more public money to conduct a study into the "Diverstiy of representation in public appointments" - using none other than its own 'graduates' who form a quote "useful proxy for local leaders". In this unbelievably arrogant study Common Purpose uses the response from its own trainees to suggest what is happening in the real world.

Analysis of the Media Standards Trust including Common Purpose

Thanks to an excellent analysis of the elitest matrix that is the Media Standards Trust. Run from within Common Purpose this insidious organisation seeks to 'improve' media reporting. The elitest nature of the individuals concerned, their networks to major global corporation and big banks suggest that the aim is not to improve the openness of media but to control it. These people are self selected, unaccountable and super wealthy.

BBC spends massive £158,100 on Common Purpose training

According to a Freedom of Information response the Brussels Broadcasting Company BBC has spent a massive £158,100 on Common Purpose training. According to the BBC this was to "assist senior editorial staff in building partnerships and developing knowledge, experience and contacts in their local area." They go on to say that " Staff who attended the course reported that it had been both a really useful learning / training experience and had also opened up a huge network of contacts."

Common Purpose penetration of the NHS

Funny how the NHS has declined in so many ways. Dirty hospitals, poor care, people left in corridors, C Diff, MRSA, wrong drugs, body parts taken and more and more managers. Many people within the NHS are commenting on how the management numbers have ballooned whilst the poor nurses and doctors are struggling to cope. Yet these same managers are gobbling up more and more of the budget as they push forward their re-organisation and CHANGE agendas helped by Common Purpose.


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