Research on a creeping Common Purpose of UN World Government

The attached document researches how the British public has been betrayed by British politicians working to a Common Purpose to achieve a One World Government via the UN. In achieving this One World Government it is becoming clear that every part of our lives is to be controlled - from the food we eat, the water we drink, what we think and what we are taught. We will no longer be able to decide what is best for us and our children, and we must adopt a 'group think' or common purpose.

CP elitest 360 Graduates Reading List 2008

Recommended reading list for the Common Purpose 360 masterclass graduates. The people listed and the names says it all.....elitest masterclass. The material is deep, socio political and reflects the objective of Common Purpose to change society for a supposedly better society run by elitest chosen Common Purpose Leaders. Ordinary people are not to be consulted or involved. I repeat ...if the public dares to question Common Purpose people are branded vexatious and exteme.

CP Richard Bandler creator of NLP

Hi, Brian

I've only become aware of CP since coming across your work on Youtube. Most interesting indeed. Doubtless you already know this but the guy who invented NLP was a gent called Richard Bandler. I'd never heard of him before but I decided to check him out on the net. I found a site on the net which was either set up by Bandler or devoted to him. I've pasted a link below to the login page. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the logo that's being used:

Third Sector Magazine article 6 August 2008

Third Sector magazine article in which CP attempts to brand concerned members of the public as right wing and political. The article is clearly designed to promote CP as an upstanding charity and claims it is not political. "David Bell Common Purpose trustee denied that it [CP] had a pro-EU agenda.....this is simple not the case" he states. Why then are we able to show a wealth of pro EU literature for CP courses especially those aimed at children? Why are top level CP courses linked to the EU and top level EU officials?

CP Advisory Group News Oxford University Said Business School and Psychotherapy

CP Advisory Group News identifying the new 'leaders' of society. See notes on page two highlighting CP's link-up with Oxford University. Oxford university offers the Said Business school providing 'leadership' training. This is in turn linked with a Paris Business school specialising in amongst other things Neuro Linguistic Training for business leaders. Note also that Brussels is included in the 2020 programme for 'senior leaders'. 2020 originally charged at £9,950 plus VAT provides talks by top level EU officials as well as visits to the EU Brussels.


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