Research on a creeping Common Purpose of UN World Government

The attached document researches how the British public has been betrayed by British politicians working to a Common Purpose to achieve a One World Government via the UN. In achieving this One World Government it is becoming clear that every part of our lives is to be controlled - from the food we eat, the water we drink, what we think and what we are taught. We will no longer be able to decide what is best for us and our children, and we must adopt a 'group think' or common purpose.

The reader who sent this article is continuing his research and comments that the evidence is growing that it is UN policy which is driving the direction and policy of British politicians across all parties as they create the British police state...Gordon Brown's New World Order. UN cells are already established in UK and will have increasing power to control and direct our lives as the Regionalisation of UK is implemented. The UN plan is devious and subversive. It works by common purpose and using the organisation Common Purpose to install UN policy into the minds of its graduate 'Useful Idiots". For those of a spiritual nature the author suggests that events are representative of the biblical 'wheat and the tares'. Tares are of course weeds. Their significance is that they look like real wheat and it is only when they are fully grown that they can be separated from the wheat. I leave you to ponder upon this.