CP elitest 360 Graduates Reading List 2008

Recommended reading list for the Common Purpose 360 masterclass graduates. The people listed and the names says it all.....elitest masterclass. The material is deep, socio political and reflects the objective of Common Purpose to change society for a supposedly better society run by elitest chosen Common Purpose Leaders. Ordinary people are not to be consulted or involved. I repeat ...if the public dares to question Common Purpose people are branded vexatious and exteme. neither do they explain why they feel entitled to run a secretive organisation within and through society, overwhelmingly paid for by public money. 360 Masterclass and "In the know" clearly spell out that these people are being trained to believe they are above 'ordinary' people. If you have not read Julia Middleton's book Beyond Authority I recommend you do so (borrow don't buy) as you can then read her mind first hand. She describes useful and expert idiots, the wonderful international and german bankers, the useless white men, how the British take canned food on holiday, the need to conspire to achieve change, the need to bulldoze those that stand up to common purpose. The failed bankers Lehman Brothers were her role models for teaching leadership to children. She clearly loves german bankers and freely quotes them. Is this organisation safe? Who are the thousands of 360 masterclass people. How are they "leading beyond (their) authority? I leave you to research and learn.