CP spin on the BBC documentary A Secret Society

A BBC web download of Ruth Alexander's comments on the Jonathan Maitland show, BBC Radio 5 live - A secret Society. This programme was supposed to be an 'investigation' by the BBC into Common Purpose. As expected of the BBC it was a sham.

Typically the BBC failed to declare it's interest as a major user of Common Purpose training and having a very large number of CP graduates within controlling positions in the BBC itself. Robert Peston was simply quoted as a supporter. The total cost of CP training has not been declared but fees are paid by the public TV licence payer so perhaps they have a right to know.

Early in the article the BBC quotes an unknown 'graduate' who of course claims the innocence of CP. It is so innocent of course he / she is too frightened to give their name in association....why?

Brian Gerrish is immediately branded as a campaigner, and no mention is made of the hundreds of documents, emails and other evidence of the huge cost of Common Purpose or its obvious political agenda he has assembled.

The body of the article follows a pattern. Common Purpose graduates say how innocent it all is....well, they would wouldn't they? To say otherwise would make them look ignorant (of the actual agenda) and or foolish for having got involved.

Statements on Common Purpose website ..."of being balanced and without allegiance" are simply accepted by the BBC as true. I restate no BBC investigation was conducted into documentation at any time although this was offered to them.

Helga Henry of Birmingham Arts denied an EU bias in training because she apparently didn't experience any. Again documentary evidence showing Common Purpose's pro EU bias was not discussed by the BBC - itself sucking off EU funding.

The BBC vaguely asks if large amounts of public money should be spent on the course, but completely neglects to ask any member of the public / taxpayer what they think about £millions being paid to this political charity. The BBC blurs the issue with its usual finesse.

Read more yourself and research this site.