CP Richard Bandler creator of NLP

Hi, Brian

I've only become aware of CP since coming across your work on Youtube. Most interesting indeed. Doubtless you already know this but the guy who invented NLP was a gent called Richard Bandler. I'd never heard of him before but I decided to check him out on the net. I found a site on the net which was either set up by Bandler or devoted to him. I've pasted a link below to the login page. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the logo that's being used: http://www.richardbandler.tv/members/login.php

Best regards Max

Comment: Thank you. We are very aware of Bandler and the Third sector. We are also finding stronger and stronger links between NuLabour political and social 'training' and NLP techniques. These are now being pumped into Local Councils via Local Government Association, IdEA and other 'leadership' training vehicles. Common Purpose's training techniques increasingly appear aligned with NLP. Even teachers are being bombarded with NLP techniques which can change views and values without the victim even being aware. Dangerous stuff. I believe that when the full truth emerges there will be £multi-million damages claims by people adversely affected by NLP...administered without their knowledge and or consent. Please keep researching NLP and the networks which train 'trainers' in the public sector. Thanks again Brian G