Conservative leader David Cameron uses psychometric testing

Daily Mail report that Conservative Party Leader David Cameron MP is driving the use of psychometric testing within the Conservative Party. Aside from the unethical 'testing' of individuals personalities by others, the real danger of this testing is that it allows personalities who are susceptible to 'mental reframing' to be identified. Cameron is already linked to Common Purpose and his drive for psychometric testing would facilitate the use of Common Purpose type behavioural or experiencial reframing, or other mind control techniques and training within the Tory party.

Research showing teaching connections between ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose

Research document which shows a number of interesting connection between ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose. CP is associated with Teachfirst, and Teachfirst works in partnership with ARK. Teachfirst offer their ambassadors a one thousand pound discount to go on Common Purpose courses. ‘Teachfirst’ works in partnership with ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), NCSL (National College for School Leadership), ‘Teaching Leaders’ and ‘Future Leaders.’

Ministry of Defence declares 39 staff Common Purpose trained at minimum cost of £154,000

The Ministry of Defence declares that 39 'Senior and Fast Stream' staff have been Common Purpose trained. The MOD appears to be pushing the fact that senior and 'better quality staff' have been selected for Common Purpose training. Just what are MOD staff doing aligning themselves with a pro EU political charity. They should not be connected with any political organisations. How many meetings are these people having under Chatham House rules of secrecy?

Common Purpose is defined as a crime

Wikkipedia provides a definition of Common Purpose: In criminal law, the doctrine of common purpose, common design or joint enterprise refers to the situation where two or more people embark on a project with a common purpose that results in the commission of a crime. Please read the evidence on this site and we leave you to decide if the crime has been committed.

Common Purpose Trustees Challenge Criticism

This web archive shows a statement made by three Common Purpose trustees Jude Kelly, (Sir) David Bell and Chris Mathias Chair of the CP Board of Trustees. In the statement they claim that a "tiny fraction of media coverage, mostly postings on online discussion boards, blogs and websites, is making highly offensive and untrue claims about Common Purpose...." The statement goes on to state the wonderful work that CP is supposed to do.

Millennium Commission gives Common Purpose £940,435

The Millennium Commission has awarded Common Purpose £940,435 for 321 CP awards, yet thousands of small village halls and real charities have received nothing. Why is the Millennium Commission so keen to support a political charity? Are there connections between people in the Millennium Commission and CP. Please help us to find out who and why. Thank you "duck" for sending us the detail.

Common Purpose breaches the 7 Standards of Public Life

Common Purpose graduates within the public sector breach the 7 principle standards of Public Life. As a result of the mental re-framing many falsify documentation, block, deceive and lie to protect their elitest CP leader colleagues from scrutiny by the General Public. Some will allocate public money to further CP training without proper accounts or audit. Thanks to for this analysis.

Common Purpose Course dates to 2025

List of Common Purpose courses and venues until 2025. The majority of these courses will be funded out of public money but the taxpayer will be unaware. Challenge your local MP and Local Councillor as to the legitimacy of CP training in your area. Of course Julia Middleton may just tell you to shut up as she has done others who challenge CP's legitimacy.

Beyond Authority Julia Middleton's Literary Masterpiece

Cover of Julia Middleton's book on Leading Outside Authority. Don't buy one with real money try and borrow one. Inside you will get an insight into Julia's mind. You will also read her excitement at the power and capability of bankers. These are of course the same bankers who have built an empire on public debt; an empire that is now collapsing into chaos and financial ruin. Whilst ordinary people lose their jobs and life savings, the rich elitest bankers have created this disaster to consolidate their empire.


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