The Other Invisible Hand Remaking Charity for the 21st Century DEMOS Geoff Mulgan

Description of charities by DEMOS man Geoff Mulgan driving force behind DEMOS and colleague of Julia Middleton Common Purpose. Mulgan describes Charities as an Invisible Hand, powered by government money - your money, but the "charities" are to be remade for the 21st century. Since we now see charities involved in politics, what is their purpose?

CP Joseph Rowntree Foundation Julia Unwin

Research of the links between Common Purpose and the Rowntree Foundation - yet another fabian socialist think-tank working to CHANGE society. Julia Unwin Chief Executive of Rowntree produces report "Strengthening Community Links in West Yorkshire 2008". Her foundation is advising on everything.......Bioethics, Social Action, Social Investment, Eugenics (with Blair) and Food Standrads. Like Julia Middleton Chief Exec of CP, Unwin is on everything and knows everything about everything. These are dangerous people planning CHANGE behind closed doors.

CP Diagrams showing Common Purpose's organisation and Subversive technique

This document contains an overview of the organisation of Common Purpose and the subversive technique used to infiltrate UK's democracy, and inject Common Purpose 'graduate' CHANGE agents into the covert EU government structure already established in UK. At a city level Common Purpose recruits, uses and directs a relatively small number of key 'graduates' to exert total control over the governance of the particular City.

CP DEMOS Culture and Learning Paper

CP is connected to marxist DEMOS, not least since Julia Middleton Chief Executive CP was a trustee of DEMOS. CP is working with which is also working with DEMOS. See the Culture and Learning Paper. What is the New Agenda to which they refer? Note the cover and the 'eye' in DEMOS. Note also the language and drive for 'CREATIVE" solutions. See supporting article "CP links with Clore Duffield and Stef Lewandowski (21/08/2008)" in "Charities" category.


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