CP flyer for Frontrunner 2007 for youth with leadership skills

CP flyer recruiting for Frontrunner course 2007. Quote.."The programme targets young people who have already shown evidence of leadership skills in civil society through their activities and aims to inspire them to continue campaigning for change in their future careers". Question...what does CP mean exactly by CHANGE? Why do they not define this? Why should young people, who have yet to get their own lives sorted out, be trained in campaigning for change in society? Apparently last year\'s participants realised..."how much I want to change things and how I can do it".

CP Leading Beyond Authority briefing sheet

CP briefing sheet concerning Leading beyond Authority. It states that "People who lead beyond their authority can produce change beyond their direct circle of control". But how can we justify the police and the military leading beyond their authority? What has happened to responsibility and accountability? If these are lost then an individual and a network can drive CHANGE whilst being totally unaccountable for their actions. Aren't we seeing this happen?

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister ODPM (formerly John Prescott MP) promotes CP training for children

ODPM document which promotes CP 'YOUR TURN" courses for children. CP has recently been given 'government approved leadership training provider' status, alongside the Tavistock Institute. The Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Clinic are the home of brainwashing, 'mental reframing' and so called 'psychotherapy' techniques. Should they be permitted near vulnerable young children?


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