CP flyer for Frontrunner 2007 for youth with leadership skills

CP flyer recruiting for Frontrunner course 2007. Quote.."The programme targets young people who have already shown evidence of leadership skills in civil society through their activities and aims to inspire them to continue campaigning for change in their future careers". Question...what does CP mean exactly by CHANGE? Why do they not define this? Why should young people, who have yet to get their own lives sorted out, be trained in campaigning for change in society? Apparently last year\'s participants realised..."how much I want to change things and how I can do it". Yes but CHANGE to what? The post democratic society?

What a selection of inspiring speakers for the youth to hear: a Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather, the Muslim Council, a media campaigner, Lehman Brothers and Madi Sharma Member of the European Economic Social Committee. Note this is a four day residential course. What ideas and views about CHANGE will CP put in the heads of our youth and children. Do you, as a parent know? Were you told?