CP Selection Criteria for 'graduates'

CP document telling existing 'graduates' how to recruit others for CP courses. Note they are even told how to describe Common Purpose. Imagine the Deputy Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary being told how to recruit (network sell) other people for CP. This is actually happening. How can a charity be instructing key people such as senior police officers to further its aims? Why do they do as they are told, including break the law as can be proven. Is this the result of the mental re-framing given in CP courses?

First a database and then CP teaches how to Neutralise Opposition for £250

Elitest CP is offering Masterclass at £250 per time for the great, and not so good, to learn how to force through the common purpose agenda. The course includes training on how to "neutralise the opposition". It appears anybody who dares to question Common Purpose, public sector expenditure on CP, and their legitimacy, is a threat which must be neutralised.

CP Publication Navigating the new waters of national leadership

New CP document promoting the elitest 20:20 training for elitest people. The document is littered with 'paradigm' changing language. When talking about 'leaders' Common Purpose really means individuals who have been re-framed to believe the Common Purpose new political and social model. These so called elite social and political leaders will be the people to run the emerging post democratic society. Their loyalty to the Common Purpose CHANGE agenda has a cult like quality.

Common Purpose advice on countering resistance to their advance of change

Excerpt from a Common Purpose document which gives advice to graduates on how to overcome objectors and resistance, or people who say NO! The whole theme is that the Common Purpose plan must be rolled forward whoever raises objections and however pertinent those objections may be. There are more graphic descriptions of how Common Purpose graduates should overcome resistance or 'black holes' in Julia MIddleton's book: Beyond Authority. Try to borrow it, as although interesting from an analysis point of view, it is not worth the money.

Web addresses showing the penetration of Common Purpose into Local Authorities

Five web addresses showing the penetration of Common Purpose 'leadership' training into Local Councils. Spreading like a virus, this political reframing of Council officers is ensuring that the political line for the 'new world order' is embedded into our institutions, and Elected Councillors are isolated and emasculated. What can we do? Spread the word. Explain to people what is happening.

Julia Middleton speaks on creative leadership

Julia Middleton Chief Executive Common Purpose speaks about the need for people to stand up and be counted. Easy for Julia, who earns an estimated £80,000 - 90,000 per year from her charity.....mostly funded by the taxes of those people whom she criticises for inactivity. They are of course, too busy working to feed and educate their families, and have little spare time to help Mrs Middleton 'change the world'. Julia is very good at speaking and advising but has not actually led, managed or run any real business or organisation delivering tangible results for the people of Great Britain.


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