First a database and then CP teaches how to Neutralise Opposition for £250

Elitest CP is offering Masterclass at £250 per time for the great, and not so good, to learn how to force through the common purpose agenda. The course includes training on how to "neutralise the opposition". It appears anybody who dares to question Common Purpose, public sector expenditure on CP, and their legitimacy, is a threat which must be neutralised.

Julia Middleton personally warns of people who oppose - the so called "Black Holes" and how they must be overcome. Since we now hold (and will soon publish) material showing that CP is collecting data on any individual who dares to question or research their activities, and that this personal data is being electronically stored in a spreadsheet database by CP, we must now ask how we are to be neutralised. Indeed, this statement by CP would be perceived as threatening and intimidating by many people.

A technique employed by Mrs Middleton herself is to try and label those challenging CP as right wing extremists. This is offensive, inaccurate and defamatory. It shows that Mrs Middleton and CP is an extreme organisation masquerading as a charity.

To obtain details of members of the general public asking questions via Freedom of Information CP has coerced, encouraged and advised civil servants to break data protection and release names. We understand that whilst some organisations have apologised to the individual concerned for releasing their personal data data to CP in breach of the Data Protection Act, other organisations are moving towards legal action to force CP to remove names from their illegal database. Why will common purpose graduates lie and cover-up for one another to the extent of breaking the law?? More shortly.........................