CP Deception and Lies

Independent article by Common Purpose elitest Veronique Raingeval

Independent newspaper article featuring letter by Common Purpose elitest Veronique Raingeval. This French Common Purpose lady is cheekily suggesting that we don't have a constitution and need a French revolutionary 'mission statement'. This is a classic case of Common Purpose leaders working to manipulate public opinion towards CP goals without bothering to declare their true colours. We believe that Miss Raingeval is working to help join CP networks in Britain with networks in France. Are these the CP networks "that will soon be very important". Why?

CP Cumbria Advisory group Chairman is hidden in Cumbria Constabulary

Minutes of a Cumbria Constabulary meeting. Christine Twigg attends as the Deputy Chief Constable but she is also the Chair of the local CP Advisory Board. This is not declared. How can a serving police officer such as Twigg also have CP meetings with ordinary members of the public behind closed doors and without minutes. Since it can be proved that some police forces have released data on individuals to Common Purpose, there is a worrying trend. Is Twigg the police eyes and ears of common purpose in Cumbria? Who does she report to in Common Purpose?

CP Selection Criteria for 'graduates'

CP document telling existing 'graduates' how to recruit others for CP courses. Note they are even told how to describe Common Purpose. Imagine the Deputy Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary being told how to recruit (network sell) other people for CP. This is actually happening. How can a charity be instructing key people such as senior police officers to further its aims? Why do they do as they are told, including break the law as can be proven. Is this the result of the mental re-framing given in CP courses?

First a database and then CP teaches how to Neutralise Opposition for £250

Elitest CP is offering Masterclass at £250 per time for the great, and not so good, to learn how to force through the common purpose agenda. The course includes training on how to "neutralise the opposition". It appears anybody who dares to question Common Purpose, public sector expenditure on CP, and their legitimacy, is a threat which must be neutralised.

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