CP Advisory Group News Oxford University Said Business School and Psychotherapy

CP Advisory Group News identifying the new 'leaders' of society. See notes on page two highlighting CP's link-up with Oxford University. Oxford university offers the Said Business school providing 'leadership' training. This is in turn linked with a Paris Business school specialising in amongst other things Neuro Linguistic Training for business leaders. Note also that Brussels is included in the 2020 programme for 'senior leaders'. 2020 originally charged at £9,950 plus VAT provides talks by top level EU officials as well as visits to the EU Brussels. Since CP is heavily funded by the Deutsche Bank we can be sure that the CP programme is highly pro EU.

Heather Katz Associate Fellow Associate Fellow, University of Oxford SAID Business School
Work as both a tutor and executive coach on executive education Advanced Management Programme (AMP) and as facilitator and coach on bespoke leadership programmes.

Programme Director, Common Purpose
Common Purpose is a non-profit leadership and educational organisation that operates both nationally and internationally. I recruit and deliver programmes to groups of senior leaders from across the voluntary, public and private sectors in Oxfordshire. Private Executive Coaching Practice with UK and international clients.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Received Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and High School Teacher’s Diploma from Johannesburg College of Education. Worked for nineteen years with IBM in education, marketing and systems support, product management and direct sales.

Moved to USA in 1992 and completed a Clinical Social Work Masters Degree (MSW) at Catholic University of America, Washington DC. Worked in DC and later in New York as a family systems therapist. Further completed two-year externship as a family and couples therapist at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Manhattan, NY. Married in the USA and have a daughter.

Relocated to the UK in 2002. Trained and accredited as a coach with the UK Coaching Academy. Worked as both a personal and executive coach.

Bring to my profession a unique blend of education, training, work and life experience from three different countries and cultures. I am passionate about working with highly functioning individuals and teams to enable them to truly examine where they are, where they would ideally like to be and move them toward their goals.