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CP Advisory Group News Oxford University Said Business School and Psychotherapy

CP Advisory Group News identifying the new 'leaders' of society. See notes on page two highlighting CP's link-up with Oxford University. Oxford university offers the Said Business school providing 'leadership' training. This is in turn linked with a Paris Business school specialising in amongst other things Neuro Linguistic Training for business leaders. Note also that Brussels is included in the 2020 programme for 'senior leaders'. 2020 originally charged at £9,950 plus VAT provides talks by top level EU officials as well as visits to the EU Brussels.

CP Advisory Group Sheffield

Sheffield Advisory Group Agenda for meeting held at Sheffield Newspapers. The agenda says little about the purpose of the meeting but these are the people who are the "eyes and ears" for CP in Sheffield and will identify, select and reject new CP graduates. Note recruitment is a key subject in the agenda. Those chosen will be in positions of power and influence, and will certainly include those controlling public sector funding from which CP can draw.

CP Matrix course flyer showing Lancashire Advisory Board

CP Matrix course flyer advertising for participants in the MATRIX course at a mere £4,200 plus VAT. Note the Advisory Board mix of police, council and BBC. These people are selecting and rejecting candidates. On what basis are police officers choosing and rejecting members of the community. £4,200 plus VAT represents 6 months wages for many people. At the same time CP feeds off their taxes and Council tax to pay for itself.

CP Leicestershire Advisory Group 2008

Document giving the Leicestershire Common Purpose Advisory group. These are the hidden eyes and ears of Common purpose who report to CP HQ London what is happening in their area and organisation, who can be recruited and who is a danger to the programme and must be neutralised. Note the mix of private and public sector who meet between closed door under the Chatham House Rule. Have you noticed nothing works in Leicestershire Council now?

CP Portsmouth Advisory Group and Profile selections

CP advert for a Profile course costing £950. Notice it talks of 'collaboration' across sectors (leading outside authority using Chatham House Rules) and it clearly states that the existing Common Purpose 'Advisory Board" will select candidates as suitable or not. The Common Purpose office is itself 'buried' in the University of Portsmouth. In many cases these facilities are provided free by the unsuspecting tax paying general public. Hidden inside the university, CP can recruit, select and grow its socialist elitest network.

CP government quango IDea blocks Freedom of Information

Ernest Opuni emails Sara Clarkson Common Purpose for advice following his receipt of FOI request for information regarding his participation on CP's South Yorkshire Advisory Group. NB in the original email he forwards the name and address details of the person requesting the information - a breach of Data Protection. Why do public servants and quangos have to seek the guidance of CP in releasing information to the public? What have they got to hide?

CP Advisory Group London 2004

London CP Advisory Group list 2004 2005. Note Richard Hatfield Personnel Director Ministry of Defence, Richard Sambrook BBC, Steven Bundred Audit Commission and Garath Davies Govenor Her Majesty's Prison Pentonvillefor example. Advisory group members meet under Chatham House rules of secrecy and 'select' who can join the elite Common Purpose club. What did they discuss and who did they choose?

CP Advisory Group Kent Members

List of Kent CP Advisory Group. These people are the "eyes and ears of Common Purpose" and choose and select new graduates. They work out of the public gaze and mix freely. What meetings has Jan Stephens Chief Superintendent Kent Police had with these people and what topics were discussed? Who paid for her time?


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