CP Advisory Group Sheffield

Sheffield Advisory Group Agenda for meeting held at Sheffield Newspapers. The agenda says little about the purpose of the meeting but these are the people who are the "eyes and ears" for CP in Sheffield and will identify, select and reject new CP graduates. Note recruitment is a key subject in the agenda. Those chosen will be in positions of power and influence, and will certainly include those controlling public sector funding from which CP can draw. In many cities the CP dupes and controls local newspaper editors and staff so that the local news can be 'moulded' to support the new common purpose. Public sector fraud and corruption goes unreported. Reporting on complaints or criticism of the Local Authorities, Quangos and CP linked bodies will be suppressed to align with the common purpose. Nationally Common Purpose has now created the Media Standards Trust to monitor national media and press reporting. Tighter CP control of the national 'news' will follow. The general public will usually be totally unaware that CP's political agenda is being spread in their city behind closed doors. Is this the case in Sheffield?