Third Sector Magazine article 6 August 2008

Third Sector magazine article in which CP attempts to brand concerned members of the public as right wing and political. The article is clearly designed to promote CP as an upstanding charity and claims it is not political. "David Bell Common Purpose trustee denied that it [CP] had a pro-EU agenda.....this is simple not the case" he states. Why then are we able to show a wealth of pro EU literature for CP courses especially those aimed at children? Why are top level CP courses linked to the EU and top level EU officials? Why does Maria Wallis ex Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall police and CP graduate claim that CP training helped her understand the EU levels of power. David Bell's comments are either made in ignorance or they are a complete fabrication of the truth. In the article CP also tries to make itself out as the innocent party whilst members of the public harass it with Freedom of Information requests. But it is perfectly lawful for the public to ask how much public bodies have spent on CP. Why are they do desperate to block the truth.....because the truth is that CP is a political charity.