Common Purpose is Commissioned to survey its own graduates by Government Equalities Office

Describing itself as ..." an independent, non-politically aligned, not-for-profit organisation, Common Purpose is commissioned by the Government Equalities Office on yet more public money to conduct a study into the "Diverstiy of representation in public appointments" - using none other than its own 'graduates' who form a quote "useful proxy for local leaders". In this unbelievably arrogant study Common Purpose uses the response from its own trainees to suggest what is happening in the real world. Evidence on this site clearly demonstrates that Common Purpose, far from being independent and non-politically aligned, is a key part of the NuLabour political machine and is intimately connected with the European Union. It is thus highly politically aligned. It is also elitest, secretive, coerces public officials into covering-up its activities, and coerces public officials into using Local Authority budgets for Common Purpose training outside of the eye of elected Councillors. Common Purpose will do everything to ensure that it can feed from the public purse. See our recently posted article on Surrey Council where a Common Purpose trained Chief Executive is accused of giving Common Purpose £48,000 of back-door training contracts. This is CP "Leadership outside Authority".

Supported by the highest levels of the Blair and Brown NuLabour administrations, Common Purpose uses its reframed graduates to support the Common Purpose political and social CHANGE agenda. We have recently revealed that even the Ministry of Justice has spent £279,000 on CP training. The public sector is riddled, causing problems in the Audit Commission, Information Commissioner, Judiciary, Courts and other bodies supposedly protecting honesty and probity.

This CP report is biased from the start. Note also that a mere 659 CP trained 'leaders' can bother to respond to the questionnaire sent to 6378 graduates. This suggests that circa 90% of CP graduates can't be bothered to respond to their own leadership charity. Have they already realised that CP is a con? Note also that Common Purpose suggests that further studies will be required. this is a typical "consultancy" ruse to create extra contracts in the future. £millions of taxpayers money is being squandered on this aligned, political and quasi 'commercial' charity. Please research this site and help us to expose the corruption with a common purpose.