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CP 2020 Course Downing Street 2006

Some fascinating documents showing Common Purpose working within the highest levels of government and NuLabour. Although from a couple of years ago it is worth reading these documents carefully as they show Common Purpose fully engaged in a political agenda at Downing Street. Note also the input from Fabian marxist DEMOS. This same organisation is now proposing that there is UK wide National Service so that everyone from the age of 7 can repay their debt to society.

It would be paid for by introducing interest on student loans, raising about £1.2 billion a year.

Common Purpose is Commissioned to survey its own graduates by Government Equalities Office

Describing itself as ..." an independent, non-politically aligned, not-for-profit organisation, Common Purpose is commissioned by the Government Equalities Office on yet more public money to conduct a study into the "Diverstiy of representation in public appointments" - using none other than its own 'graduates' who form a quote "useful proxy for local leaders". In this unbelievably arrogant study Common Purpose uses the response from its own trainees to suggest what is happening in the real world.

CP_Elite Trainer gets 11 year state freebie Yorkshire Post

The Yorkshire Post Tuesday May 6 2008 exposed that CP had received free office accommodation within the Government Department for Children, Schools, and Familes in Sheffield for 11 years at a cost to the taxpayer of £5,000 p.a. Not surprisingly there were no records of tenancy or rental agreements. Surely this must be misappropriation and or fraudulent abuse of public money? This is not an isolated incident as CP regularly uses public facilities, time and expertise to support its programmes, which it then claims are carried out by individuals in their private time.

CP Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) expenditure 2005

Having declared they had no involvement with CP in a telephone conversation, the ODPM declares in 2005 £78,000 spent on CP. Note the letter repeats CP promotional literature and dismisses the use of the secretive Chatham House rule for meetings. Conveniently connections with DEMOS apparently occurred prior to the set up of the ODPM. The CP role of ODPM has now been taken over by the Communities and Local Government department, which has made CP a "government approved training organisation" alongside the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE.


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