Common Purpose penetration of the NHS

Funny how the NHS has declined in so many ways. Dirty hospitals, poor care, people left in corridors, C Diff, MRSA, wrong drugs, body parts taken and more and more managers. Many people within the NHS are commenting on how the management numbers have ballooned whilst the poor nurses and doctors are struggling to cope. Yet these same managers are gobbling up more and more of the budget as they push forward their re-organisation and CHANGE agendas helped by Common Purpose. The same Common Purpose which charges circa £3,500 plus VAT per course to train NHS staff using trainers who have no experience of the caring medical profession. Their real job is, of course, to inject new socialist political thinking and agendas into the system. This is to include eugenics which will determine who will live and who will die according to the budget and their 'use to society'. Far fetched? NICE? - I don't think so. Eugenics is now being taught in UK schools, is part of the ARK Academy Schools programme, and it is alleged that Julia Middleton CEO of Common Purpose has spoken on this topic when addressing Transition Town events. Those NHS people trained by Common Purpose try their best to remain hidden from the general public as they have their 'secret' meetings under the Chatham House Rule. Who are they in your hospital? What are they really doing? We leave you to find out. Funny how the Improvement Network has not been achieving improvements.

Please search the lists of Common Purpose Graduates to see the number within hospitals and NHS organisations across the Country.