Shocking expose of Common Purpose behavioural training of Police Officers

Shocking document exposing mental re-framing of police officers using psychometric tests, personality instruments, neuro linguistic programming, and more. Read summary CVs detailing the future of policing; the psychological contract; the role of qualifications within the police professionalisation agenda; the blame culture within the organisation and the paradigm change needed for police reform; and whether centralized policy unduly influences leadership style. Just what is the PARADIGM CHANGE needed for police reform? How does European mentoring and Coaching help our police to uphold law and order and catch criminals? Are police officers aware that they are having their beliefs and values changed by neuro linguistic techniques? Does this explain why are police are becoming more aggressive and domineering? Does it explain why they are obsessed with Political Correctness and Diversity? Are the police training colleges insured for claims for the mental illness that can occur after neuro linguistic and hypnosis?