CP Civilia Accounts 2008-2009 Behaviour change, collaboration and deep sustainable complex change.

Financial accounts for Civilia. According to the accounts "This company manages the licensing arrangements with the Common Purpose licensees, which include Common Purpose UK and charities operating in Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, India, France, Ghana, South Africa and Turkey. Common Purpose UK is a direct subsidiary of Common Purpose Charitable Trust, which is the Company's ultimate parent company.

In addition, the Company provides IT, marketing and curriculum services to the Common Purpose licensees."

CP Memorandum of Understanding between ACPO and the Law Society

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Chief Police Officers ACPO and the Law Society is an interesting document because of the questions it raises, including:

1. How is it possible for a private company, namely ACPO, to reach an agreement with the Law Society as to how cases of criminal conduct, malpractice and professional misconduct are investigated by the police?

2.Why is it necessary to have separate rules to govern how the police should investigate crimes concerning solicitors?

CP This England Magazine Summer 2010 exposes Common Purpose

This England Magazine summer 2010 has written a short article exposing the "dangerous and anti-democratic organisation" Common Purpose. This is yet another article expressing concern over the activities of CP and encouraging other people to learn about its twisted activities by visiting cpexposed.com

Clearly the factual documentary evidence posted on this site and elsewhere in the media, press and internet is being taken seriously by informed individuals.

CP Historical Mind Control Documentation Colonel John Rawlings Rees

Document written by Colonel J R Rees October 1940 Strategic Planning for Mental Health. Key document talking of "making plans for winning the war and for establishing work for mental health firmly for the future." This fascinating paper sets out the beginnings of a covert plan to make mankind healthy and stating that only psychiatrists are equipped to make mankind healthy.

CP Trustees Report showing Trustees resigning - have they woken up to the CP charity Con?

CP Trustees report which shows a rash of Trustees resigning. The names are:
Richard Charkin
Pamela Chesters
Lucy De Groot
Vincent McGinley
James Ramsbotham.
John Inge
Mark Adams.

We leave you the public to decide if these hardened Common Purpose warriors have realised the 'con' of this political charity, or perhaps they are moving on to spread the Common Purpose political agenda to other unsuspecting sectors of society. Please let us know what you find out.

Common Purpose conspires with Independent Police Complaints Commission to deceive the public.

Shocking emails which show Common Purpose (a political charity) conspiring with the Independent Police Complaints Commission IPCC to redact information from a legitimate Freedom of Information response to a member of the public. The three posted emails show Alison Cusworth Common Purpose colluding with Vangie Parker Lacsamana to remove (redact) information concerning:

Letter to a Ms Elspeth

Common Purpose Staff Members

The Common Purpose KNOW programme documentation.

The Agenda "Sources of Power, 28 November".

Venue details for courses.

Caroline Duckworth Common Purpose 'spins' truth regarding BBC Radio 5 programme.

Caroline Duckworth Common Purpose emails CP Advisory Group members to report that the BBC Radio 5 Donal MacIntyre programme has 'vindicated' CP of criticism from the public, including that it is a secretive organisation. Mrs Duckworth fails to inform the Advisory Group Members (whose names are kept secret from the General Public!), that the BBC are riddled with CP graduates, and therefore will inevitably produce a pro Common Purpose political spin. (See BBC and Media documents on this site).

Hazel Blears MP and Sectretary of State for Communities and Local Government praises Common Purpose

Hazel Blears MP and Sectretary of State for Communities and Local Government praises Common Purpose for leadership training in the Muslim Community. Is Mrs Blears totally unaware of the true aims of Common Purpose and their objective of dominating society with a 'chosen' elitest leadership? Many in the Muslim Community are already suspicious of CP and suspect their real aim is to assist the breakdown of Muslim society and close family ties by injecting CP trained 'leaders' to CHANGE their society and culture to a more EUropean socialist model.


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