Common Purpose conspires with Independent Police Complaints Commission to deceive the public.

Shocking emails which show Common Purpose (a political charity) conspiring with the Independent Police Complaints Commission IPCC to redact information from a legitimate Freedom of Information response to a member of the public. The three posted emails show Alison Cusworth Common Purpose colluding with Vangie Parker Lacsamana to remove (redact) information concerning:

Letter to a Ms Elspeth

Common Purpose Staff Members

The Common Purpose KNOW programme documentation.

The Agenda "Sources of Power, 28 November".

Venue details for courses.

Profile Agendas

Draft Agenda Greater Manchester Profile

Names and details of Advisory Board members.

In the exchange of emails the CP and IPCC ladies have a friendly first name banter as they collude to deny the general public information about the activities of CP within an important and supposedly Independent Police Complaints organisation. The email is presumably just one of other secret communications between Common Purpose and the police. What is being hatched between the police and Common Purpose in other emails and communications to which we do not have access? See other documents on this site under police to understand the huge amounts of public money police forces are spending on CP political training.

Notice the address of the Common Purpose office from which the CP emails have originated - an office buried within another public department - the Department of Children, Schools and Families DCSF. Are these facilities another 'freebi' paid for by the poor taxpayer?

Why is Common Purpose so concerned that its information is quote Commercially Sensitive unquote? Isn't CP an innocent charity helping people? Where does commercial competition come in? How does it take huge sums of public money to fund its courses on one hand and then act "commercially" on the other? The public money comes from your taxes of course.

Would you like to learn the real truth about CP? Demand answers from your MP, Local Authority and the police.