CP West Yorkshire Police spends £6900 on Common Purpose

Two West Yorkshire police invoices for Common Purpose training of £2,761.25 and £4112.50. Please note that, as with many invoices concerning Common Purpose made public, information on the invoices has been redacted ....blacked out. It is actually unlawful to interfere with invoices concerning public money and very surprising that the police should do so. Just what is it about Common Purpose training that an organisation such as the police should want to remove the name of the individual who was trained (using public money).

CP Expenditure Mersyside Police April 1999 - March 2009

Merseyside police declare £40,654 spent on Common Purpose for 15 members of staff. No information is held (allegedly) regarding Senior officers or those on the disciplinary board that sacked Officer Bettley. (Ed The circumstances of this sacking are not known to cpexposed). It is of interest though that Senior police officers were on the Common Purpose Advisory Board that selected Matthew Byrne (Convicted paedophile and sadistic attacker of prostitutes) as an upstanding member of society and Common Purpose Social Leader.

West Yorkshire Police spend £6,873 on Common Purpose

West Yorkshire reply to an FOI request showing yet more police expenditure on Common Purpose. In the reply the police say that police have been granted leave to attend Common Purpose courses at a cost of £6,873.75. Were these courses in paid time? If so the public has paid twice...once for the cost of the courses and once for the lost time on duty. But CP consistently states that Common Purpose graduates participate in their private time.

Common Purpose conspires with Independent Police Complaints Commission to deceive the public.

Shocking emails which show Common Purpose (a political charity) conspiring with the Independent Police Complaints Commission IPCC to redact information from a legitimate Freedom of Information response to a member of the public. The three posted emails show Alison Cusworth Common Purpose colluding with Vangie Parker Lacsamana to remove (redact) information concerning:

Letter to a Ms Elspeth

Common Purpose Staff Members

The Common Purpose KNOW programme documentation.

The Agenda "Sources of Power, 28 November".

Venue details for courses.

CP Derbyshire Constabulary Freedom of Information Smokescreen over £28,780 spent.

Typical police reply to a simple Freedom of Information request to find out how much public money has been spent on the political charity common Purpose. After revealing a massive £28,780 spent on CP for no tangible benefit, the document then produces a mass of waffle to explain why more detailed information cannot be made available. As usual the simple questions do the damage. Why do the police not want to name individuals trained by a charity at public expense?

CP Cumbria Police Letter re CP

Single letter demonstrating the tangled web and confusion when questions are asked of public bodies about CP. General examples are - we lost the letter, we don't hold the information any more, we are confused, we can't release that to you and in this case confusion reigns about dates. Why is everything about CP so murky and confused. Because evil is done in the dark?

CP Cumbria Police Invoices and FOI replies

Five pdf documents showing Cumbria police expenditure on Common Purpose and Cumbria CP Advisory group minutes. The minutes show the following:

Attendees redacted or blacked out. So the police are involved in a political charity linked to the Labour party and EU and they work in secret.

The meeting takes place at 4.00pm which is clearly in the police working day. This is yet further evidence of Common Purpose's lie that graduates work for CP in their private time.


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