CP Cumbria Police Invoices and FOI replies

Five pdf documents showing Cumbria police expenditure on Common Purpose and Cumbria CP Advisory group minutes. The minutes show the following:

Attendees redacted or blacked out. So the police are involved in a political charity linked to the Labour party and EU and they work in secret.

The meeting takes place at 4.00pm which is clearly in the police working day. This is yet further evidence of Common Purpose's lie that graduates work for CP in their private time.

The Advisory group role to identify and recruit others is clear as is their emphasis on "raising awareness and empowering leaders across all sections". Of course they do not say to what purpose!

The group discusses selection of candidates. What business is this of the police and during police time? Especially funded by your taxes.

The last letter is the CP circular warning about members of the public legitimately making FOI requests. What business does CP have advising police of how they should react to the lawful actions of the public.