CP Derbyshire Constabulary Freedom of Information Smokescreen over £28,780 spent.

Typical police reply to a simple Freedom of Information request to find out how much public money has been spent on the political charity common Purpose. After revealing a massive £28,780 spent on CP for no tangible benefit, the document then produces a mass of waffle to explain why more detailed information cannot be made available. As usual the simple questions do the damage. Why do the police not want to name individuals trained by a charity at public expense? Why do the police cover-up their involvement with Common Purpose even to the extent of meeting in secret under Chatham House rules and redacting or blacking out information. The public taxpayer pays but is not entitled to know what they are paying for. Why is this pro EU and highly political charity so closely involved with our police? Is this why they are becoming more politically controlled arrogant, brutal and thuggish by the day? You decide.