CP DWP Derbyshire Expenditure £135,579

Department of Work and Pensions Derbyshire admits spending a massive £135,579 of public money on Common Purpose, whilst people cannot get jobs or afford to live on state pensions now also being withheld until later and later in life, the DWP Derbyshire can create 'future leaders' with Common Purpose. But what do the DWP people do? How do they lead in processing forms and pieces of paper? The answer is of course that Common Purpose is a about changing peoples beliefs, values and behaviour to the new acceptable and politically correct form.

CP Derbyshire Constabulary Freedom of Information Smokescreen over £28,780 spent.

Typical police reply to a simple Freedom of Information request to find out how much public money has been spent on the political charity common Purpose. After revealing a massive £28,780 spent on CP for no tangible benefit, the document then produces a mass of waffle to explain why more detailed information cannot be made available. As usual the simple questions do the damage. Why do the police not want to name individuals trained by a charity at public expense?

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