CP DWP Derbyshire Expenditure £135,579

Department of Work and Pensions Derbyshire admits spending a massive £135,579 of public money on Common Purpose training.......so, whilst people cannot get jobs or afford to live on state pensions now also being withheld until later and later in life, the DWP Derbyshire can create 'future leaders' with Common Purpose. But what do the DWP people do? How do they lead in processing forms and pieces of paper? The answer is of course that Common Purpose is a about changing peoples beliefs, values and behaviour to the new acceptable and politically correct form. Common Purpose is the Change agent to do this using NLP and group behavioural modification. When we see public servants starting to tread the public and the vulnerable with arrogance and contempt there has to be a reason for their new attitudes. This is Common Purpose at work.

The NuCon Tories under David Cameron have said that they are cutting public expenditure and certainly benefits. But behind the scenes top tories like Francis Maude are talking culture change with Julia Middleton CE of Common Purpose using their training methods and their graduates throughout the civil service. How do you feel about your taxes helping to pay Julia Middleton's £90,000 pa salary?