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CP Wakefield Metropolitan Council spends over £50,000 on Common Purpose

Wakefield Metropolitan Council spends over £50,000 on leadership training by Common Purpose over 7 years. Training for which Surrey Council has established there is no tangible benefit for the public purse. This is malfeasance in public office if not outright fraud. How much do you pay in council tax in Wakefield? Not happy? Then demand this blatant waste of public money is stopped.

CP DWP Derbyshire Expenditure £135,579

Department of Work and Pensions Derbyshire admits spending a massive £135,579 of public money on Common Purpose, whilst people cannot get jobs or afford to live on state pensions now also being withheld until later and later in life, the DWP Derbyshire can create 'future leaders' with Common Purpose. But what do the DWP people do? How do they lead in processing forms and pieces of paper? The answer is of course that Common Purpose is a about changing peoples beliefs, values and behaviour to the new acceptable and politically correct form.

Common Purpose Corruption with Surrey County Council - Surrey Advertiser

Damning article revealing that Common Purpose used one of its graduates inside Surrey County Council to award Common Purpose further training contracts valuing £48,000. This is typical procedure for Common Purpose, which regularly uses its network of mentally reframed 'graduates' to "act outside (their) authority" to help Common Purpose recruit new members within an organisation. And then allowing Common Purpose to charge £thousands for training them. As with Surrey CC, this is normally done by ignoring or bypassing normal tendering processes.

Common Purpose and Chief Executive's Forum Northern Ireland

Short quote of vision of association of Chief Executive's Forum Northern Ireland. Buried within the forum and pulling policy strings is Common Purpose. By this means a so called charity can exert political pressure to steer public servants towards the new EU controlled civil society. Demand that CP graduates declare themselves and demand their removal from decision making bodies.

Web addresses showing the penetration of Common Purpose into Local Authorities

Five web addresses showing the penetration of Common Purpose 'leadership' training into Local Councils. Spreading like a virus, this political reframing of Council officers is ensuring that the political line for the 'new world order' is embedded into our institutions, and Elected Councillors are isolated and emasculated. What can we do? Spread the word. Explain to people what is happening.


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