Public Authorities

CP Office of Chief Executive Windsor Maidenhead blocks Freedom of Information

Letter from CEO dept Windsor and Maidenhead explaining CP was given free use of facilities (invoice not generated until FOI request), then a range of excuses under"Public Interest Test" as to why the public cannot be told what CP discusses Why is CP so scared of their discussions becoming known to the wider public? Why should CP attendees quote "fear that (matters discussed) would be reported or discussed outside of the course"? Notes taken by Council officials (fees paid by the taxpayer) are also confidential. Why?

CP Plymouth Council Officer recruits in public time for CP Your Turn 2004

CP Plymouth Council Officer Robert Plumb recruits in public time for CP Your Turn. Having received an email from Angela Fox Common Purpose asking if he could recommend an Advisor for a Your Turn workshop at Plymouth High School for girls, he forwards the email to his colleagues for a volunteer. As usual the CP requirement is processed during the working day 13.36, and the Advisor requirement is during the working day - 09.00 and 13.00 12 May 2004. Yet CP tells the public that individuals do CP work in their private time. Why should they lie?

CP Plymouth Council Officer recruits in public time for CP Matrix

Email dated 2004 in which CP asks a senior Plymouth Council officer Mr Plumb to help recruit for the next MATRIX course. He does so by passing the email to colleagues. Mr Plumb is a CP graduate himself.

This is all done in the working day and using public computer systems. Clearly CP graduates work for CP in public time and not in private time which CP is desperate to have us believe.

Chief Exec Jim Carr Preston City Council gives CP Matrix talk at The Wildife Trust

Chief Exec JIm Carr is booked for a talk to CP MATRIX graduates at The Wildlife Trust. The talk is in public time, but not charged. The Matrix group is diverse and senior. They are "the next generation of Leaders". They will improve the way society works....whether the taxpayer wants it or not, and in line with the Common Purpose vision.


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