Common Purpose Corruption with Surrey County Council - Surrey Advertiser

Damning article revealing that Common Purpose used one of its graduates inside Surrey County Council to award Common Purpose further training contracts valuing £48,000. This is typical procedure for Common Purpose, which regularly uses its network of mentally reframed 'graduates' to "act outside (their) authority" to help Common Purpose recruit new members within an organisation. And then allowing Common Purpose to charge £thousands for training them. As with Surrey CC, this is normally done by ignoring or bypassing normal tendering processes. This site contains documents showing that these corrupt transactions are facilitated by the CP graduates in an organisation through recommendations, 'nodding through' expenditure and then lying or deceiving colleagues and the public about the transactions.

In this case the corruption was discovered by a member of the public who discovered that Surrey's Chief Executive Richard Shaw was a Common Purpose Advisory Board member and helping to bring Common Purpose contracts into the Council. A formal Council competitive tendering 'Waiver request' which detailed the alleged 'need' for Common Purpose training was completed simply by inserting Common Purpose's own advertising material into the form. Again this is typical of other Councils.

Readers of this site should understand that Common Purpose consistently tries to use Common Purpose graduates within an organisation to recruit other graduates and then help find the money to pay for them. Local Authorities and Government Departments across the Country have spent £millions on CP training set up in this way.

The use of graduates inside an organisation to use public time, money and facilities to recruit for Common Purpose is the crime Malfeasance in Public Office. Common Purpose encourages its graduates to lie that they carry out Common Purpose work in their private time, whereas evidence shows that they support and act for Common Purpose during their paid public time. This secretive and deceitful situation is compounded when public money is misappropriated to assist a political charity.

Why do Common Purpose graduates lie, falsify documents and cover-up to protect Common Purpose and prevent the public from discovering what they are really doing? Many contend that Common Purpose is a political cult. By using NLP 'graduates' are reframed to do the bidding of Common Purpose. They are even prepared to put their jobs at risk by doing so.