CP Surrey Police Stops Common Purpose Training

Interesting media article from revealing Surrey Police expenditure on Common Purpose during a period in which they are having to cut back on their services including office facilities. Significantly Chief Constable Mark Rowley is a member of the local Common Purpose Advisory Group, which forms the local 'eyes and ears' for Common Purpose and selects future CP graduates. All this is done behind closed doors under Chatham House rules as the article points out.

CP Exposed in Surrey Advertiser

Interesting article which appeared in the Surrey Advertiser showing more Common Purpose insider dealing. Slowly but surely the media are beginning to understand the common purpose con and its use of graduates to influence the agenda of an organisation and open doors for more graduates and more funding for CP courses. Enjoy reading this article.

Common Purpose Corruption with Surrey County Council - Surrey Advertiser

Damning article revealing that Common Purpose used one of its graduates inside Surrey County Council to award Common Purpose further training contracts valuing £48,000. This is typical procedure for Common Purpose, which regularly uses its network of mentally reframed 'graduates' to "act outside (their) authority" to help Common Purpose recruit new members within an organisation. And then allowing Common Purpose to charge £thousands for training them. As with Surrey CC, this is normally done by ignoring or bypassing normal tendering processes.

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