CP Surrey Police Stops Common Purpose Training

Interesting media article from www.getsurrey.co.uk revealing Surrey Police expenditure on Common Purpose during a period in which they are having to cut back on their services including office facilities. Significantly Chief Constable Mark Rowley is a member of the local Common Purpose Advisory Group, which forms the local 'eyes and ears' for Common Purpose and selects future CP graduates. All this is done behind closed doors under Chatham House rules as the article points out. Since the courses are paid by public money the public has a right to know exactly what is said by whom and why.

A spokesman for Common Purpose is quoted as making a number of statements supporting the work of CP, but also stating that “There are various ridiculous conspiracy theories about Common Purpose. These libellous accusations are untrue, with no basis or evidence to support them.”

The spokesman fails to say of course what the libellous statements are and why they are untrue. Common Purpose graduates have been found to be involved with paedophilia, insider dealing, lying, falsifying documents, false accusations against people, misusing public facilities and services, feeding off public money, acting as a political charity, working to operate a fifth column in society, praising fraudulent bankers as role model "leaders" for children and more. Even the Information Commissioners Office and the Audit Office have been subverted by Common Purpose. These activities are all evidence based.

This article is well worth reading. Just how is it that a so called 'Charity' is allowed to implement social and political 'CHANGE' behind closed doors and without the knowledge of the wider general public? Demand answers from your Member of Parliament and your Local Public Authorities.