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Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 12

How the Left's Old Boy Network helps appoint the top mandarins - Sir Bob Kerslake. The Daily Mail's analysis is useful but leaves out much of the dangerous Common Purpose network around Sir Bob Kerlake (top Civil Servant), Francis Maude MP Cabinet Office and the training of the Top 200 Civil Servants. Of course despite Francis Maude claiming to be champion of 'transparency' in the Conservative party he has helped, and is still helping to block, the release of information relating to the contract awarded to Common Purpose to train the top Civil Servants.

Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 9

Dark Arts and Links with Masters of Spin - Mosley. The Mail exposed the dark twisted links between Mosley, previously exposed as a fan of S&M orgies, and his prominance as a chosen Leveson commentator and advisor on free press and media. Some might imagine that the lunatics were controlling the asylum but in reality overturning morality and common sense is a key Alinsky, Marxist tactic in destroying the morality and order of society.

Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 8

The Milly Bombshell 'That wasn't true' - Middleton: I'm proud of my campaign.  The Daily Mail identified a critical party of the Common Purpose Leveson scam against the press and media. Key to this was that the Guardian Milly Dowler phone hacking story was not true as published by the Guardian. Yet this emotive story that Milly's parent had suffered was used by the Guardian and the government to ramp up the press and media phone hacking scandal and ultimately led to the call for a Leveson style inquiry.

Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 7

A nuclear bomb that dropped on the press - and the motley crew who seized their chance. Accurate and appropriate analysis and comment by the Daily Mail which lays bare the Common Purpose network and tactics to control Britain's press and media. It identifies the networks, linkes, vested interest and conflict of interest in what is a conspiracy of common purpose to gag free speach. 

Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 6

How they broke the law to smear their critics - Common Purpose pulling the levers of power. This section of the Daily Mail analysis is well constructed and identifies that Common Purpose broke the Data Protection Act to collect data on individuals making lawful and proper Freedom of Information requests as to Common Purpose activities and their funding from the public purse. Despite their actions Sir David Bell brushed off this law breaking when he made his so called declaration of interests for his appointment to the Leveson panel.

Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 5

Old Boy Network - Like a giant octopus. As I have already commented on the page 4 article, Common Purpose is not left wing or an old boys network. It is a carefully crafted communitarian poltical initiative designed from the outset to penetrate politics and society by stealth. The description 'old boys' network gives the illusion that it is a rather placid gentleman's 'pally' network, rather than a cutting edge communitarian political cult, which recruits and reframes people.

Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 4

A Coup by the Left - Disturbing questions about the influence around Leveson, David Bell and Common Purpose. The investigation and analysis by the Mail is generally good however it would appear that their investigative report has been deliberately skewed to secure favourable Conservative party support. Common Purpose is certainly not 'left' as it contains support from David Cameron, Francis Maude, Chris Patten and many other senior Conservative MPs.


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