Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 8

The Milly Bombshell 'That wasn't true' - Middleton: I'm proud of my campaign.  The Daily Mail identified a critical party of the Common Purpose Leveson scam against the press and media. Key to this was that the Guardian Milly Dowler phone hacking story was not true as published by the Guardian. Yet this emotive story that Milly's parent had suffered was used by the Guardian and the government to ramp up the press and media phone hacking scandal and ultimately led to the call for a Leveson style inquiry. True to its government lacky form the Guardian failed to disclose to readers that its parent organisation, the Scott Trust, was an active supporter and funder of Common Purpose's Media Standard Trust. In this respect it could easily be argued that the Guardian committed fraud on its readers by helping to create it own 'exclusive' story. When interviewed as to events and the Mail discovery, Julia Middleton declared that she was proud of her campaign. This really says it all - proud of a subversive campaign to promote the perverted actions and views of, amongst others, Hugh Grant and Max Mosely and to achieve government - that is Common Purpose control of the press and media via Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off - campaigns sucking off public money and that of big corporations and banking institutions. Julia Middleton has constantly praised the corrupt international banking cartel be it east German Bankers, Deutsche bank, Lheman Brothers or any others of her funders. The nature and objectives of these hugley powerful corporate funders to the common purpose has not been fully investigated or revealed by the Mail. It will be exposed in due course.