Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 6

How they broke the law to smear their critics - Common Purpose pulling the levers of power. This section of the Daily Mail analysis is well constructed and identifies that Common Purpose broke the Data Protection Act to collect data on individuals making lawful and proper Freedom of Information requests as to Common Purpose activities and their funding from the public purse. Despite their actions Sir David Bell brushed off this law breaking when he made his so called declaration of interests for his appointment to the Leveson panel. For an indipendent third party observer it would appear that Bell's Common Purpose was capable of breaching private privacy and data  to the same extent as the press and media he has been criticising. To then sit in judgement of that press and media as the lead for the Leveson panel shows a hugely inflated ego and breath taking hypocrisy. This may be summed up as 'leading beyound [his] authority - a common purpose doctrinal goal.