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CP Bournemouth Echo Spotlight Award 2007

CP article in Bournemouth Echo promoting CP Spotlight wards for school children supported by the Deutsche Bank. Note the article promotes "good citizenship and positive action" in children as young as 11 years old. This is EU citizenship, and Deutsche Bank is a powerhouse behind Common Purpose. Julia Middleton Chief Executive praises German bankers in her book "Beyond Authority", despite the fact that they are happy to talk of "useful idiots". Are parents happy to have big foreign business "teaching school children". Do they know the real agenda?

CP Press Article on charities by Julia Middleton CP CEO

Press article believed to be the Guardian. Julia Middleton writing on getting retired business 'leaders' into charities. How retired people can establish themselves as new leaders. She is really selling the CP WHAT NEXT course in conjunction with Oxford University Said Business School. Amongst other things the course teaches " how to influence an organisation when they no longer hold an executive position in it". The Said Business School is linked to Paris Business Schools with Neuro Linguistic Programming expertise within the business environment.

CP Variant Magazine The Tainted Word William Clark

Article exposing the 'third sector and third way' growing amongst the government, civil service and commercial sector. He exposes an unhealthy expansion and influence of this third sector which is distorting democracy. On page 5 Clark turns the spotlight on Common Purpose. Its start up with influence by the Millennium Bridge Trust, Ditchley Foundation and Royal Institute of International Affairs. Big powerful names supporting a charity which the Chief Executive Julia Middleton claims she started after being given £500,000.


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