CP Variant Magazine The Tainted Word William Clark

Article exposing the 'third sector and third way' growing amongst the government, civil service and commercial sector. He exposes an unhealthy expansion and influence of this third sector which is distorting democracy. On page 5 Clark turns the spotlight on Common Purpose. Its start up with influence by the Millennium Bridge Trust, Ditchley Foundation and Royal Institute of International Affairs. Big powerful names supporting a charity which the Chief Executive Julia Middleton claims she started after being given £500,000. The Tainted Word raises many questions on just what CP is, and what its objective are. He states..."CP creates the illusion that it is for ordinary people, but it is not only run by an elite, its projects cater exclusively for an elite: "the rising generation of decision makers", as they say in their (then) web site". CP also has clear links with DEMOS not least via Julia Middleton herself. This charity CP claims it is non aligned, but it swims in a deep pond of extreme left wing socialism with exposed Marxist roots. It favours the European Union. Is the CHANGE CP so desires a change from democracy to dictatorship in a new world order?