Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 12

How the Left's Old Boy Network helps appoint the top mandarins - Sir Bob Kerslake. The Daily Mail's analysis is useful but leaves out much of the dangerous Common Purpose network around Sir Bob Kerlake (top Civil Servant), Francis Maude MP Cabinet Office and the training of the Top 200 Civil Servants. Of course despite Francis Maude claiming to be champion of 'transparency' in the Conservative party he has helped, and is still helping to block, the release of information relating to the contract awarded to Common Purpose to train the top Civil Servants. So desperate was the Cabinet Office Leadership Committee to hide the activities of Common Purpose that the minutes of the meeting in which Common Purpose training was decided for civil servants, and the very meeting in which Sir David Bell Common Purpose Trustee was present, were fraudulently changed to deceive the public. This matter is still be challenged by the public and demands made to the Information Commissioners Office for the true minutes.