Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 4

A Coup by the Left - Disturbing questions about the influence around Leveson, David Bell and Common Purpose. The investigation and analysis by the Mail is generally good however it would appear that their investigative report has been deliberately skewed to secure favourable Conservative party support. Common Purpose is certainly not 'left' as it contains support from David Cameron, Francis Maude, Chris Patten and many other senior Conservative MPs. Common Purpose is a blend of communism, fascism and corporatism best described as gramscian fascism or communitarianism - see also tactics of Alinsky and Peter Drucker. Common Purpose doctrine is a complete attack on all aspects of Britain as a nation state and associated values, norms and morality. Support by any 'mainstream' politician reveals a treasonous agenda to overturn existing society and values by stealth - using their party political badge as cover. Hence Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose speaks of the need for subversives, distrucptors, useful idiots and a fifth column.