Daily Mail on CP 16 November 2012 page 5

Old Boy Network - Like a giant octopus. As I have already commented on the page 4 article, Common Purpose is not left wing or an old boys network. It is a carefully crafted communitarian poltical initiative designed from the outset to penetrate politics and society by stealth. The description 'old boys' network gives the illusion that it is a rather placid gentleman's 'pally' network, rather than a cutting edge communitarian political cult, which recruits and reframes people. Whist some people are recruited as a smokescreen for the real Common Purpose activites, key 'graduates' are used as either 'useful idiots' or 'expert idiots' to propagate the subversive Common Purpose agenda. In this case the Daily Mail is exposing the nature of the Common Purpose influence which has helped create and escalate the phone hacking scandal, set up the Leveson inquiry, drive public opinion via the Media Standards Trust and the Hacked Off campaign, and manipulate the Leveson panel by means of Common Purpose guru Sir David Bell, and other common purpose graduates, undeclared as such, but called in front of Leveson as independent 'expert' witnesses. An additional measure of the perverted values of Common Purpose can be seen from their support, and that of Julia Middleton CEO in particular, for those involved in perverted behaviour such as Max Mosley (orgy) and Hugh Grant (prostitutes in taxis) - suggesting these people are 'brave leaders' whose opinions are valid with respect to the controlling and gagging of the press. Ultimately Common Purpose will seek to bring all press and media under its collective social and political aganda, to ensure that their is no press and media comment save that favourable to the Common Purpose political agenda.