North Yorks Policeman in £400,000 dodgy business dealings with wife and Common Purpose colleague

Yorkshire Post article following up on an earlier story that the wife of a senior North Yorkshire Police officer Supt Paul Ackerley received nearly £400,000 from the force in payments to her training company. Jon Porter, director of North Yorkshire Police's human resources department and the civilian official with overall responsibility for training, resigned in the summer. The Crown Prosecution Service is not pressing charges and both men have resigned. Nice work if you can get it.

Nottinghamshire Police expenditure Common Purpose

Nottinghamshire police spend £12,807 on Common Purpose training. But what value does the general public get? See Archives section CP_Mind Techniques for police neuro linguistic and behavioural training to "achieve a paradigm change in police policy". Most people think that the performance of the police and their relations with the general public is declining. Why should police performance and attitude be declining? Is politically correct diversity and political neuro linguistic training scrambling their minds and personalities?

Avon and Somerset Police admit to spending £13,951 of your money on Common Purpose

Avon and Somerset police spend £13,951.25 of taxpayer's money on Common Purpose training. As with some other police forces there is confusion over the actual total spent as: "some [CP] courses may have been booked locally" and it is too difficult for the police to establish the exact amount spent. If the police can't easily account for the public money they have spent, is this not a breach of the public accounting rules? They suggest it would cost them £450 to 'find' the information. By this means the general public are denied access to accounts information.

Devon and Cornwall Police shy of declaring £65,000 expenditure on Common Purpose

In the reply dated Sept 2008 to a Freedom of Information request Devon and Cornwall police declare £24,709 expenditure on Common Purpose from 2004 to date Sep 2008. They unfortunately forget the £57,100.25 declared up to 6 December 2005. their total expenditure is therefore circa £64,972. A massive amount of public money spent on a political charity for no tangible benefit when Devon and Cornwall Police has repeatedly declared to the general public a shortage of money, forcing officers to share computers and for them to have to reduce the number of unmarked police cars.


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